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Whether you are looking to hire for yourself or someone you support, we can help with wheelchair, ramp, walker and crutch hire. Transit (small wheeled) or Self Propelled (large wheeled) wheelchairs can include leg straps, lap belts and leg raisers as additional options. We also stock a range of portable ramps for hire, suitable for vehicles or access into your home. Take them with you and your wheelchair to ensure easy access in all situations. These are ideal mobility solutions for events, conferences, and when family and friends visit.  Aspire Canterbury also hire out walkers which have seats, trays and baskets. 

Aspire Canterbury is open for wheelchair, ramp, walker and crutch hire Monday - Friday 9.00am - 4.30pm


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Wheelchairs and Ramps

$10 per day
$20 per weekend (Collection Friday and Return Monday)
$50 per week (7 days)
$120 per month
Click here to see details of our roll up ramp. There is also a You Tube Video that shows you the best way to put the roll up ramp together. Ramp Roll up - you tube.
Click here to see ramp measurements

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Walkers and Elbow Crutches

$20 per week (7 days)

Email us or call 0800 347 242 to make a booking.

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