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Aspire Canterbury is the Christchurch home for the Disability Information Service (DIS).

This free service includes regular email updates on information relevant to the disability sector, and produces the comprehensive Christchurch and Canterbury Community Services Directory.

The Disability Information Service can be accessed by all members of the community including disabled people, families, carers, Government departments, employers, local authorities and architects, and provides information on a wide range of topics.

Topic specific information is also available from the drop down box under the Information title of this web site and under the Total Mobility heading (transport, parking and mobility scooters).

The Disability Information Service holds a large range  information pertaining to groups and services in Christchurch and Canterbury and hosts the new Aspire Canterbury ' Info Exchange'  events. These meetings are a new initiative - a development of our previous network meetings and provide topic specific sessions for staff/volunteers and students. Certificates of attendance are also available for those seeking professional development evidence.  We welcome contact from potential speakers.  


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Aspire Canterbury Info Exchange Events 2016


 Please RSVP to if you would like to attend an event as a participant or speaker or if you would like to be added to our 'E' Network which circulates ( via email ) a wide range of information e.g. seminars and workshops/updates from community organisation/items for sale or donation etc.




















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