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There are many organisations based within the Christchurch and Canterbury area who are able to provide information and support services to older people and people who have an impairment. The Aspire Canterbury on-line Directory contains contact details for over 370 organisations in the Christchurch and Canterbury area.


 The New Zealand Disability Strategy (2016-2026

Disability is not something individuals have. Individuals have impairments which may be physical, sensory, neurological, psychiatric, and intellectual or other impairments. Almost one in four New Zealanders identify as having an impairment (for current Census information on disability see Stats NZ website.

People may be born with an impairment or acquire an impairment e.g. from an injury caused by an accident.

As the population ages mobility, stamina, sight and hearing can become new challenges.

Disability is the process which happens when one group of people create barriers by designing a world only for their way of living, taking no account of the impairments other people have.

The Strategy sets out principles for New Zealand Strategy to become inclusive of people with impairments

  Disability Information Centres 

 Aspire Canterbury is a member of the New Zealand Federation of Disability Information Centres


 Firstport is for anyone looking for information, advice, support or equipment relating to disability in NZ

 Ministry of Health Disability Services


The Ministry of Health web site provides a range of information on getting support, disability information and who to contact if you have a question about Ministry funded disability services or you need to make a complaint.



Be.Accessible is a social change initiative and a holistic framework for accessibility with a mission to create a truly accessible country for us all.


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