Needs Assessment Service Coordination Service (NASC)

NASCs are organisations contracted to the Ministry of Health to work with disabled people and  people over 65 to help identify their needs and to outline what support services are available. They allocate Ministry funded support services and assist with accessing other supports. The Ministry of Health Disability Services website lists NASCs that provide this service nationally.

Click here for Ministry of Health Disability Services website


NASC Services for people under 65


If you are under 65 and live in the Christchurch area your local NASC service is provided by LifeLinks. LifeLinks provides this service for people with a physical, sensory, intellectual, neurological, psychiatric, alcohol and/or drug disability. 

Click here for LifeLinks website

LifeLinks: P 0800 866 877


 NASC Services for people over 65


 If you are aged over 65 and live in the Canterbury/West Coast area, your NASC Service is based at:

Older Persons Health - Burwood Hospital (Assessment, treatment and Rehabilitation) - P 03 383 6836






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