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Work and Employment

If you have an impairment and are trying to find work there are employment services based in Christchurch who may be able to assist you.




Workbridge is a professional employment service for people with impairment, including people with experience of long-term injury or illness.


Catapult Employment Services Trust


Catapult Employment Services Trust provide supported employmnet services to people who experience disability, illness or other barriers in finding paid work.


Work and Income - Assisting People Into Work


Other useful contacts

Click here to link through to Employment pages of the Aspire Canterbury Community Services Directory

Invalid and Disability Beneficiaries - PATHs (Providing Access to Health Solutions) Programme

The PATHs programme supports those beneficiaries who would like to return to work but face health barriers. PATHs brings together health and welfare in a team with co ordinators from Work and Income NZ, Pegasus Health and Mental Health Education Resource Centre (MHERC). It is funded by the Ministry of Social Development.

Mainstream Employment Pogramme - provides a package of subsidies, training and othe support to help people with significant disabilities get work

Multiple Sclerosis Society of NZ - administer The Dorothy L Newman Scholarship applications which help financially support people with MS to undergo a course of retraining when MS has impacted to the point that a change of career must take place to help people stay in paid employment.


Assistance with workplace modification

You can apply for a Modification Grant if you require changes or equipment to your workplace to help you stay in or get work. The grant can pay for items such as visual aids, computer equipment, handrails and ramps or other changes to the workplace.

You may get a grant if:

Click here for a link to the WINZ site for more information

If you have an impairment and want to start your own business

Self Employment Start Up Payment helps people who are starting a business and need help with essential start up costs e.g. stock or furniture

Business Training and Advice Grant 


People First New Zealand offer a Start Up Grant (2016) for people who have a learning disability. Click here to link to the People First Start Up grant page.

Information for employers

A productivity allowance (available through MSD Support Funds) is a useful short or medium term intervention that takes account of the skills and abilities that the employee brings to a workplace; and then provides support to the employer whilst the employee develops work skill and natural supports within the workplace.

Productivity allowances are different to wage subsidies available through Work and Income. Productivity allowance is targeted intervention specifically aimed at people who have a disabiltiy.

Who applies for the allowance? The person with a disability applies for the allowance.

Contact your local Workbridge Centre for more information W:  P: 0508 858 858








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