Digital Calendar clock

Digital Calendar clock

13th of March, 2018

We have a fabulous new product at Aspire. The AML Digital Calendar Clock.

Great for people with Alzheimer's, Dementia or sight Impairment.

People faced with Alzheimer's, Memory loss and Dementia need structure, routine and focus. They often lose the ability to recognise what day of the week it is. Traditional digital clocks have abbreviations, which can be confusing. But the AML Day clock has a clear and large screen with Non-abbreviated Date, Day and Time which helps reduce anxiety about the time of day and ease the worry of missing an appointment or any other key event.

For those with memory loss, Morning and Afternoon is displayed
Programmable Medication Reminder.
Fully functional Digital Photo Frame.

New Offices

1st of May, 2018

 We have finally moved out of our sad old building into the building at the front of the property (which was the Dementia Building). 

First i would like to apologise for putting,"we are closed for two days in May" when in fact we were closed for two days in April, for the move.

It is wonderful to move into bigger warmer premises, but there was a hint of sadness for a lot of people, as there is history in this old building. If the walls could talk.

In the 1940's it opened as a school for children with disabilities. We had some of those students come in for a walk down memory lane.Photos were taken and memories of a bygone age were talked about. And a few tears shed.

During the move we came across archives of photo's and memorbilia.

From someone who has only worked at Aspire for 2 years it was like a treasure chest. Apparently before our Black cat Charlie, there was a White cat that took up residence.

Photo's to come.

In the mean time business as usual in our bigger and better offices and shop. Come in for a look around.


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