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Information Resource

12th of January, 2018

Got a burning question – then #AskFirstport!


New website seeks ideas from users about content that matters to them.

A new national website is asking users what they want to be able to find out about when it comes to disability in a new campaign called #AskFirstport.

The recently launched Firstport website currently provides information, tips and advice to users about a whole range of topics including funding assistance, education, grants and subsidies and support groups. But the site wants to widen its offering by asking users what else they want to know about and what topics they want to see featured.

“We want to be the first port of call for anyone wanting to find out about things like getting funding assistance for equipment or housing modifications, or where they can find their local disability information centre,” says Amanda Cockburn, who manages the project to develop the website. “But we also want to offer extra value to people by providing information about other things that really matter to them – everyday concerns or difficulties that make living independently harder.”

#AskFirstport features characters who interact with users through social media and ask them what they want to know. End users of the site are being invited to suggest topics that might not necessarily be covered otherwise and offer an insight into the everyday lives of people who are living with a disability or impairment.

“We hope that the #AskFirstport campaign will give us some great ideas about topics to cover on the site in terms of signposting people to the information they require, and also allow us to create some great articles and materials for people based on the information they want and need,” adds Amanda.

The campaign is running from the 11th January until the 12th February. To get involved you can go to @FirstportNZ on Twitter or Facebook and take part using the hashtag #AskFirstport.

You can also visit www.firstport.co.nz/askfirstport  for more information about how you can contribute to the campaign.


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