Kool Neck Ties

Kool Neck Ties

12th of February, 2018

New Zealand Made. Kool neck ties are filled with crystals that when soaked in water will stay cool for days. Wear them around your neck and feel cooler for outdoor activities. Comes in black, white,light blue, rose,purple,red and pink. Specify which colour when ordering 

How To Use:

Simply soak in cold water for 15 minutes. Squeeze out excess water.
Then place around neck and be prepared for instant relief.
Use over and over again by simply reactivating in cold water. This product is great if your struggling with the heat. Ideal for people affected by MS, construction workers or anyone that wants to cool down. I wear one in the office on really hot days, It doesn't drip. They come in an array of colours and cost $15.00.

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