mobility scooter

Mobility Scooters

Acquiring a mobility scooter can provide increased independence for a person who perhaps can no longer drive a car or whose mobility is poor.

The Aspire Canterbury Mobile Service is able to offer a scooter demonstration (with the opportunity for test drives) to community groups and groups within retirment villages. If this is something your group are interested in, please contact our Co ordinator - Richard Blakeborough - P: 027 588 9700 / 03 366 6189 to find out more or to arrange a demonstration. Richard can provide information relating to scooter purchase and assistance with funding options.

 Some Funding Opions

Some factors to consider prior to purchasing a second hand scooter


Mobility Scooter hire in Christchurch

         If you are thinking of hiring a scooter, it is recommended to book in advance and a photo ID is generally required






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