Bus System Changes

Christchurch Bus

There are going to be some bus system changes. These changes mean that many services change to a different operator, and a different bus may be used on your route. If you are used to having a Red Bus branded vehicle on your route, it may now be a Go Bus branded vehicle instead, and vice versa. Your bus might also be a different colour. Checking the screen on the front of the bus is the best way to check it is the right one. You can read more about the changes on the Metro website.

Metro has some things that can help you use the bus:

  • Large format bus timetables, so it is easier to read, contact Metro to get one of these
  • Bus route signs – Metro has made some large yellow signs that you can hold up so the bus driver will stop for you. You can get these from Aspire or contact Metro and they will send them out to you
  • Journey planner – you can use the Journey Planner on the Metro website to plan your trip and find out which buses you can catch

If you struggle to catch buses due to a long-term impairment, you can join the Total Mobility scheme and get reduced taxi fares, contact us if you would like some more information about the scheme.

Aspire Canterbury is a Disability Information Service and are always available to answer your questions, provide support or have a chat. If you have any questions about the bus system changes, or anything at all, you can always contact us using the details on our Contact Us page or through our Facebook page. Please remember, we are a community resource and hub, we have been providing information, solutions and support for approximately 40 years. If you are uncertain about anything at all, contact us, chances are we may be able to help or connect you to a service that can help.