Changes to Christchurch Bus System

There are some more changes to the Christchurch bus system. They will start on 15 February:

  • Yellow Line will become 5 Rolleston – New Brighton and the timetable will change.
  • Orange Line will become 7 Halswell – Queenspark and the timetable will change.
  • 60 Hillmorton – Southshore will have some timetable changes.
  • 80 Parklands – Lincoln will have some timetable changes.
  • 130 Avonhead – Hei Hei will have some timetable changes.

A new service, the 81 Lincoln – City direct, takes the express trips from the 80 Parklands – Lincoln into its own direct service with a new timetable and a change to central city pick up and drop off locations.

The 820 Lincoln – Burnham via Rolleston, will have a route change to extend the route to cover Faringdon and Acland Park plus an updated timetable.

ECAN says that checking the destination screen on the bus is the best way to confirm it is your bus.  They know that some of the older bus destination screens are not very bright and they are looking at solutions. The new buses which are being introduced, have much clearer, brighter screens, with numbers on the far right so they are easier to see.

ECAN has asked drivers to be patient and pull over at stops if people seem unsure. Don’t hesitate to wave down a bus to check if it is yours.

If you’re having problems catching a bus, there are a couple of things that can help. Large print bus timetables are available, you can download them from their website or if you call them, they will send them out to you. You can also get an A4 size waterproof plastic sign to hold up so the bus driver stops for you. You can get these from Aspire Canterbury, pick them up from the Metroinfo counter at the Bus Interchange or call MetroInfo and they will send some out to you.

If you have any questions about the changes, you can call MetroInfo on 03 366 88 55 or email them at

Aspire Canterbury is a Disability Information Service and are always available to answer your questions, provide support or have a chat. If you have any questions about the changes to the Christchurch bus system, or anything at all, you can always contact us using the details on our Contact Us page or through our Facebook page. Please remember, we are a community resource and hub, we have been providing information, solutions and support for approximately 40 years. If you are uncertain about anything at all, contact us, chances are we may be able to help or connect you to a service that can help.