Face Mask Exemption Card

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The Ministry of Health has announced a face mask exemption card. This is for people who have a disability or health condition that means they can’t wear a face covering safely or comfortably. At the moment in NZ, people travelling on public transport in Auckland and people travelling on planes throughout NZ need to wear a mask.

If you think you need a card, you can call Healthline on 0800 358 5453 who will be able to help you get one. It might be a physical card or it might be a card you show on your smartphone. The cards aren’t required if you don’t want to wear a mask, but the Ministry of Health would like you to have one.

Aspire Canterbury is a Disability Information Service and are always available to answer your questions, provide support or have a chat. If you have any questions about the face mask exemption card, or anything at all, you can always contact us using the details on our Contact Us page or through our Facebook page. Please remember, we are a community resource and hub, we have been providing information, solutions and support for approximately 40 years. If you are uncertain about anything at all, contact us, chances are we may be able to help or connect you to a service that can help.