Funding Information

Need some help finding which financial support, allowances or benefits you are entitled to?

There is a lot of information on the Firstport page including:

Enabling Good Lives

Enabling Good Lives Christchurch aims to transform the disability support system, giving young people and their families choice and control about the lives they lead, and the resources that are available to them. ORS funded school leavers and their whānau can work with an EGL Independent Facilitator to make a plan for your Good Life. This includes looking in your local community to see what’s happening, you might want to join a walking group, play music, go to the gym with friends, create some art, do some volunteering, go flatting, study or get a job!

You combine your funding from the Ministries of Health, Education and Social Development and create an EGL personal budget. This can be used really flexibly to achieve your goals. Here are some examples of what people use their EGL Personal Budgets to pay for:

  • things (e.g. a phone with GPS so you know where you are)
  • services (e.g. support from organisations)
  • support (e.g. working with a support worker, mentor, coach or tutor)
  • activities (e.g. going swimming, horse riding or on a train trip)

If you’d like some more information, visit their website and fill in the contact form.