Back Scratcher


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Buy yourself the ultimate weapon in the fight against the itch, no more relying on others’ help or rubbing against doorknobs!

Being extendable, this scratcher is long enough to get to those hard-to-reach places also small enough to fit in your pocket. Excellent for the disabled, the old and someone in pregnancy. In addition, it’s so practical that also great for other uses, like closing the door when you don’t want to get up, reaching items disappeared under the desk and combing your pets. 


* Ideal and thoughtful gift 

* 5-fingers “fork” style head

* Extends from 17cm to 50cm

* Reach every nook and cranny on your back 

* Light weight and pocket style make it easy to carry around

* Stainless steel construction enhances the strength and quality

* High-duty polished surface will not do harm to skin when using


* Condition: Brand New

* Material: Stainless steel

* Color: Silver

* Length: 17-50cm