Vermeiren Jazz Lightweight Transit Wheelchair 50Cm


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The Vermeiren Jazz transit wheelchair is an attendant propelled wheelchair which is made to last and is packed full of features, including ergonomic handgrips, removable armrests and adjustable leg rests. Foldable to ensure easy loading of the wheelchairs for travel, or reduced space required for storage.

Foldable footrests (both inward and outwards) and foldable footplates ensure legs and feet are easily freed, and helps to prevent skin tears.


Ergonomic handgrips

Removable armrests

Lightweight and highly portable

Foldable footrests and footplates (inwards and outwards) means legs are easily freed, and prevents skin tears

200mm pneumatic front wheels

300mm pneumatic rear wheels

Attendadnt propelled folding wheelchair

Adjustable and removably leg rests

Seat height: 500mm

Colour: Blue

Folded width: 290mm

Armrest height (from seat): 220mm

Backrest height (from seat): 420mm

Footrests adjustable from: 370mm – 440mm

Product weight: 16.6kg

Safe working load: 130kg

Overall dimensions: Width: 690mm Length: 1120mm Height: 935mm 

Seat dimensions: Width: 500mm, Depth: 450mm