Using a Taxi during COVID-19

Taxi Sign


The Ministry of Transport has released a factsheet that has advice for people using taxis. You are allowed to use a taxi if you are going to the supermarket, pharmacy or vet, accessing routine medical services (not related to COVID-19) or a couple with shared custody moving your children between homes. You can also use a taxi if you are an essential or emergency worker in the process of carrying out essential services (e.g. getting to and from where you work). The fact sheet explains how to stay safe while you are doing these things. You can read the fact sheet here.

There is also some information on the official government COVID-19 site about using a taxi or ride-sharing service during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Aspire Canterbury is one of the organisations that administers the Total Mobility scheme. This is a initiative funded by the NZTA and administered by ECAN to assist eligible people, with long term impairments to access transport and enhance community participation. The scheme provides 50% discounted taxi fares up to a maximum subsidy of $35 per trip in the greater Christchurch area. If you thinkĀ  you would like to apply for a Total Mobility card, or want to find out some more information about it, you can contact us.